How I Became a #LipBoss

Meet Emily, my gorgeous upline #LipSenseDistributor and ranking Lady of the SeneGence Sisterhood. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such a dedicated mentor.  She truly walks the path as an empowered woman who empowers women to tap into their inner #GoalDigger. After all, #WeRiseByLiftingOthers! And she surely inspires me to rise to reach my potential in this ommm-azing company, that I may lift my fellow ladies as the pursue their dreams of Lip Boss-dom.  Cheers to Emily for teaching me how to be a #lipboss!

Emily first reached out to me last summer to share her passion for this ommmm-azing company. She sent me a starter collection. I loved it. So, I signed up to be a distributor. Then! I did nothing. Like, nada. I never made a single purchase, which meant I never made a single sale. I sat on this golden opportunity for SIX MONTHS before my account finally went inactive. (Not gonna lie, part of me was turned off by the chintzy packaging and fugly font.)  Fast forward a few more months to April, when something from within urged me to step back on this path. So, I did. I reached out to Emily and she so graciously reached out her helpful hand to me.  I immediately signed up to be a Distributor.  (Again!)  Only this time, I was actually ready to buy product, primarily for my own personal use and to hook up friends and family. That was the plan, at least. But somewhere between the day that I signed-up and the day that I made my first purchase, I chose to take a leap of faith and dive in, heart first.  On May 1st, I placed my first order, one so fat, that it almost made me queasy.  But before I could hurl, I reminded myself that that chunk of change was not a loss, but an investment in myself and my new business. And when I say “leap of faith”, I mean it!  There were absolutely zero colors available at the time.  All I could do was stock up on glosses, removers, and other products I was curious to try.  Fortunately for me, my upline Emily was sweet enough to send me some colors to help me get started.  And with her guidance and encouragement, I was able to reach nearly $1k in sales in my first active month as a Distributor! Like I said, that was NOT my initial goal.  I’m not a sales person.  I was just gonna sign up to get the discount and mabes be a casual seller.  Sure, I made a Facebook group & and started (yet another!) Instagram account (or two), mainly just to put it out there and share my love for the product, much like I do with #craftbeer as @TheBrewvangelista.  Nbd, right? I made more sales simply by wearing than by any other means. I'd be checking students in before a #yoga class, and a student would comment on my lip color.  Then after a class (or two!) that same student would come up to me, in awe of how my lipstick was still in its place.  And that was that!  So, when I say this shit sells itself— I mean it.  After all, when a product works as well as LipSense, you don’t need to be a sales woman to sell it. You just need to be the friend, sister, daughter who shares it!  If you wanna join the ranks of badass #LipBoss territory—JOIN MY TEAM! Whether you’re just looking to get a dope discount for yourself, sell a lil on the side, or reign over your own LipSense kingdom; it’d be my pleasure, honor, and joy to guide on you on your journey to being a LipSensation. #Namaslay, 'tches.